Sascha Jones is the co-founder of Set the Bar, the umbrella company to professionally formulated low GI snack bar, enrGIsustain. Sascha’s strong passion for health and wellness took her on a new entrepreneurial journey as the co-founder of enrGIsustain, where she works alongside her brother Adam. Both inspired by the work and success of their stepfather, Michael Hall in the health supplement industry, the brother/sister duo started Set the Bar in 2016 to address the globally growing “diabesity” epidemic and provide pre-diabetic and health conscious people with professionally formulated products they could trust to live a healthier life. enrGIsustain is a healthy go-to snack with vitamins, minerals and probiotics to support good gut health and give you energy to get you through a busy day. Packed full of 18 essential vitamins and minerals, enrGIsustain is made from specially selected low GI ingredients, is high in fibre and protein, free of gluten and refined sugars, and is perfectly suited for those on a wellness or weight loss journey.



guide to natural beauty


Use this guide as a companion to inspire you with ideas of how to achieve a more harmonious relationship with your body, how to glow on the inside so that it is reflected on the outside, and how to come to peace with your natural gifts - we all have permission to shine!

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