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The Money/Weightloss Connection

Are the lack of money and an inability to lose weight connected? Although I've always specialised in helping women achieve the perfect weight loss mindset, this year I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I could help different women achieve different goals. It's been very exciting, but I needed some clarity and therefore I decided to send out a survey to my existing and potential clients. I wanted to discover what areas of their lives were presenting the most challenges and what they thought was holding them back. The results were surprising and enlightening! Almost half...

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How to Get Your Sparkle Back – Part Two

Last week I wrote about what to do when it feels like your sparkle, your mojo, your inner twinkle has got up and walked out the door. Writing the article was like giving a pep talk to myself. From the feedback I received, it appears that we all have times when we're not feeling our best. So, I'm pleased to be here with part two. Here are three more tips to get you (and me) back on the road to sparkle city! 1) Go out to play When was the last time you did something fun? When did you...

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How to Get Your Sparkle Back – Part One

I have an admission to make. I've always felt pretty good about myself, I haven't given too much thought to how I looked, I've never particularly worried about getting older. But as I am moving into my forties, I've started to notice my body changing. I've started to notice those wrinkles around my eyes. I've started to notice my skin becoming less elastic and youthful. I've started to notice how people are treating me as an older woman, rather than the girl I still feel I am in my mind. And when my grey roots start to show (after...

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Three Tell-tale Signs That You Are Experiencing Resistance

(and why that's a good thing!) I had a light bulb moment recently (love it when that happens!). I was watching Marie Forleo interview sports psychologist Todd Herman (link: and he was talking about the biological process that occurs when we start to make a change.   In very basic terms (I am no scientist!), he explained that when we begin to behave in a new way, our cells are bombarded with different hormones, and they start to vibrate. We often interpret this vibration as a negative emotion. We can feel unsettled and decide that the change we have...

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The Five Secrets of Joyful Exercise

Want to know a secret passion I have recently discovered? I can tell you it's been a real surprise to me and totally out of my comfort zone. What is this secret passion? Well, for the past few weeks I have been going to a burlesque dance class...and I love it! I have been to different dance classes before and always found them fun, but never really stuck with them. However, with burlesque I love the whole package – the wonderful women I get to meet, the outfits, the music, the moves and the chance to perform as a...

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Your Emotional Eating Toolkit

I wonder if emotional eating is an issue for you? I know it is for many of the women I work with in my hypnotherapy practice, and sometimes for myself personally. What I mean by emotional eating is reaching for food when you are not physically hungry. You may eat when you feel stressed, sad, bored, lonely, angry, as a way of treating yourself or to celebrate (maybe all of these!). These are all examples of emotional or comfort eating, which certainly doesn't always have to be labelled as a problem (because quite frankly I dislike labels!) There are...

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7 Ways to Declutter your Life

My word for this year is 'simplify' and I am using it to focus my mind in all areas of my life - my business, my relationships, my time and my health. Whenever I have a choice to make, I ask myself, 'How can this be simpler?' As I do this, I tend to breathe a sigh of relief and the choice becomes much easier. One of the ways I am simplifying my life is through a process of decluttering, clearing space, getting rid of the old and outdated, allowing myself to feel lighter. When we think of decluttering,...

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5 Ways to Love Your Body

I am on a mission; a mission to help women love and appreciate their beautiful and miraculous bodies! Often as women we can be critical about the way we look or the way we feel. We focus on what we don't like about our bodies and strive to be different, rather than appreciating what we already have. The fact is that when we are constantly focusing on our perceived imperfections, we feel pretty awful (and it's difficult to make any sort of positive change when you're feeling awful!) So, here are my top five tips to put a spark...

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Holiday Kick-Start

I was asked to do a radio interview this week about holiday body confidence, how we can change our mindsets to feel better about the way we look. We all know that it takes time to lose weight and make physical changes, but the great news is that you can start to create shifts in your mindset today. This got me thinking about how your holiday could be the perfect kick-start to feeling more confident and becoming the weight you want to be. So, here are my three top tips for making your holiday a truly transformational experience: Establish...

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How’s Your Resilience?

I have been inspired by the British tennis player, Andy Murray, this week. After many, many years of trying and incessant pressure from the media in the UK, he finally won the Wimbledon Championship on Sunday. In the past, he has seemed to lose his mindset during tough games, getting annoyed with himself and losing his cool, but this time was different. Although he struggled at times, and he was playing against the world number one, he came back from adversity and kept his game. So, what was the magic ingredient that he displayed during Wimbledon this year? Resilience....

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Are You In a Food Trance?

When women come to me for hypnotherapy, one of the questions they normally ask is, 'Will I be able to go into a trance?' They worry that hypnosis is a strange, unfamiliar state that they won't be able to reach. I tell them the same thing that I will tell you now, we all go into a trance many, many times during the day. Whenever you are watching TV, driving a car, daydreaming, basically whenever you are doing anything familiar, you can slip into a trance-like state. It's times when the unconscious mind takes over, we feel relaxed and...

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Who’s On Your Support Team?

When I work with clients to help them lose weight, I always ask about the network they have around them; are their partners, families and friends supportive of the changes they are making? I have written before about how we need to be nurturing and encouraging to ourselves, but it's just as important to surround ourselves with supportive, positive people. Here are three points that will help you to get the best from your 'support team'. Let them know your AIM People can only help and encourage you when they know what you are working towards. As women, we...

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What’s Your Meaning?

Through my work as a hypnotherapist, I have come to realise that if we make our goals as compelling as possible for the subconscious mind, then it will help us to get to where we want to go. To do this we need to give that deep, powerful part of our mind a very clear idea of what we want. When I am working with clients, one of the first things I get them to do is to visualise how they will look when they are the weight they want to be. This is very important in itself, as...

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