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Fight for Love!

Love is a powerful fuel that can start wars between nations and families too. Often when a child is being bullied, the otherwise rational parents will go to war against the bully, the school and the “system” and their number one argument is LOVE of their child. But in reality it’s never the love that makes people fight. It’s the anger, the hate, the frustration, and the need for revenge. The hardest thing for parents to wrap their minds around is this: The problem with bullying is NOT the bully. The problem is that your child doesn't YET have...

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A Mother’s Greatest Wish for Mother’s Day

It’s that time again. That wonderful time of the year, when all the school lunches, hours of laundry washing, cooking, cleaning, tutoring, and taxi driving to sports and friends is paid back with a day of indulgence for Mom. We sit back and enjoy the homemade cards, the flowers, the kisses, the hugs, and the nice words of appreciation. And we deserve it!! And yet there is something that no one but moms can truly understand about this day. There is no card, flower, or present that could ever overshadow the joy of seeing our children happy. It’s what...

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From Victim To Winner – How You Can Protect Your Child From Bullying!

“If any of my kids got bullied in school I'd go straight to the bully's house and bully their mom and dad to see how the f… they like that then....” These are the words of a Facebook user commenting on bullying. Other parents tell how they blame the school or the bully’s parents, and some share how they have tried getting the police involved to protect their child. Mia and Stine meet these parents daily in their work as strategic interventionist coaches specializing in bullying. The parents are worried, angry, frustrated and scared for their children’s safety. “When your child...

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