My Grandfather called them vegetables, fruits and grains. Superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits. Blueberries are a so-called 'superfood' that actually do not have an unusually dense nutrient content. When I do a health talk I always start out by asking “Who here doesn’t know what they should be eating?” In the past the majority of people didn’t put up their hands. Now it’s a different story. I’m finding more and more people are so confused about what they should or should not be eating it’s scary for the future of real health. I call it health marketing and have had to deal with the consequences of it, in its many forms, on my clients for a number of years. When people ask me what they should eat my fast answer is “if it’s colourful, grows from the ground eat lots of it, if it had a mother, eat some of it”. As an example of extreme health marketing, who’s seen a bag of jelly lollies with “99% fat free” on the packet? I mean really, have we been that dumbed down? This is just one of the many ways we are now marketed at, to the point we are seeking health information from so called experts that have no qualifications at all, but have lost weight, written a book, or overcome some health challenge, without giving any consideration to the validity of the information. If you look up the word organic chemistry in a chemistry book you will find it means “study of the compounds of carbon”. A bit different to some vegies grown without chemical fertilisers. While I applaud the organic farming industry for the changes that have occurred in how we see our fruit and vegetables, what must be remembered is that just because there are no harmful chemicals used in the growing, that doesn’t mean there are minerals in the soil the produce has been grown in. We are now 4th generation mineral deficient and this in and of itself is one of the reasons for the ridiculous amount of disease and disorder in our children. If we likened the health issues experienced by infants to teenagers today, to the canaries they used in the mines to test how safe it was, we would be running out of that mine as fast as we could. We need minerals; nothing else works properly without them. The latest marketing ploy that has everyone in a frenzy is superfoods. We now have superfood powders, juices, cereals, even bars, and once again it seems if you use a word on your product, the masses will be clambering to buy it. It’s really good that more people are being exposed to ways of using the wonderful nutrient rich foods out there that may not have known about them in the past. Just use your common sense - if it’s in cardboard at the supermarket, be suspicious of any labelling. I conclude, stop being marketed at, teach your children about real food again, eat fresh and cook at home as often as possible, include some mineral supplementation at the least, and have fun with your food!