Lisa Lawson is the co-founder and manager of Stretch Studio, Australia’s first dedicated 1 on 1 professional assisted stretching studio. Lisa has been in the health and wellness game for over a decade and is passionate about sharing the benefits of stretching with others. After healing her own excruciating back pain through a combination of stretching, yoga and meditation, Lisa was able to gain a vital understanding of how beneficial stretching can be for the body. As a result, Lisa and her co-founders created Stretch Studio so people could come to a space where they could relax and connect to their bodies through assisted stretching. Stretch Studio uses a form of static stretching where a ‘Flexologist’ (a professional assisted stretcher) exerts gentle force upon the limb to produce a controlled, deeper stretch that feels great as you do it. The assisted stretching method creates alignment in the body and contributes to improved flexibility, increased muscle control and an expanded range of motion.


guide to wellness


In this guide we have brought together some of our best experts to inspire you to achieve your own level of optimal wellness. Use this guide as a companion to inspire you with ideas of how to achieve a vibrant energy that is your birthright to enjoy.

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