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Mum – Not Super Mum – Busy, Crazy Hectic Yes!

I am often baffled at the levels we seem to compete at as Mums, let alone working Mums. I feel like I am back in high school - the dawky young dancer girl with the wrong clothes and weird body, with all the competition that seems to be out there in the world of being a Mum. How are we meant to keep up with it all? Are we meant to be so perfect that we don’t need to eat and sleep just so we can be Super Mum – NO! After a few calls this week where people...

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Where did my brain go? – Maybe it’s on strike!

As a Working Mum I am sure I am not the only one who wonders where her brain has gone from time to time. This week it seems mine has packed its bag and taken leave without notice so what do you do when your brain take a holiday??? 1. Take a step back - this is your brains way of saying it needs a break 2. Remember To Do Lists – keeping everything in your head is not healthy and to do list weather written or online is a great way to clear some space in the head....

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Mummy it is time to go back to work – what do you do?

Going back to work as a Mum can be exciting and daunting all at the same time as you get to recreate your work identity, but at the same time the Mummy instincts kick in and leaving your child becomes one of the scariest experiences of your life. So what do you do? Here are 3 handy tips to help you survive the return to work journey. Plan and Talk with Your Family Talk it over with your partner and family members - explore all the options, like how much money do you need, how much time away from...

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Making time for you

Create some 5 minute 'My'-time One of the hardest things when juggling work, business and family is making time for you. As a Mummy you are often putting kids, hubby and business before your needs, and if a friend in need calls, you will go and help them too! Which are all great qualities and what we love about mummies, but what about making time for you before you go stir crazy or burn out? Remember a happy family needs a happy Mummy, not a stressed one. I was reminded of this today when this morning I am juggling...

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Is Me Time a Work at Home Mum Myth?

This is a question I pondered today as my husband and I sit over our computers, run in and out of the house and try and meet all the deadlines. Scheduled into my day is time for my child, time to work, time to cook and time to clean but what about me time.... It sounds funny to say that we need to schedule me time but we do we need to allow time for us to be in our days and it is not or no longer should be at Work at Home myth  so how do we...

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