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A Bliss-Full Life

I gave birth 8 weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl. I must confess I am loving every moment with her. Maybe it’s the fact that I am flooded with oxytocin and the fact that I had a VBAC natural birth. I was due on the same day as the Duchess of Cambridge. My baby girl Luna came early on the lunar eclipse. My partner and I knew she would make her arrival harnessing the powerful energy of the full moon. We knew she was coming even before we conceived her. The Experience Like the Duchess who glowed with elegance...

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My Secret Sport

When I was younger I used to forge sick notes or pretend I had my period at school so I could get out of doing any kind of physical activity. My nick name was thunder thighs and we had to wear gym knickers that resembled granny pants. It was mortifying. I secretly wanted to be sporty but growing up as a chubby girl in the UK my choice was NetBall or Rounders but these were competitive and bitchy matches played by mean girls. I spent a year living in Melbourne when I was ten. I remember being queen of...

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Shine On!

I often ponder on the power of inspiration. It isn’t something tangible, it's an overwhelming emotion that comes from deep within your soul that makes you want to change, to do good, to grow, to explore, to create and to love. I believe our inspiration guides us, like our spirit. Without it we would find life meaningless. I am inspired by many different aspects of life and it changes along with my journey. When I wrote my book “Mother Om” my inspiration was my son, my greatest teacher. I aspire to be a connected content and calm mother and...

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Mamata’s tips

Living whole-heartedly All it takes is just one moment a day to connect with ourselves and our children. Mothers don’t have much spare time, but you can always return to yourself in just one breath, in a single moment. Create some principles to remind you how to live from a place of love in a whole-hearted way – how to live with an open heart and conscious mind. Be present – presence has power, and all we ever have is the present moment. Be present especially with your children. Spread kindness – it has been scientifically proven that performing...

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Attract the life you adore

On the tip of an iceberg We have created unconscious unhealthy habits that we do not even think about while we are doing them. This could be the way we breathe, our posture or the way we get annoyed and shout at our children. The first step of breaking these habits is to become conscious of them. Our conscious mind is the tip of a huge iceberg – our unconscious thoughts being the huge mass below the surface. Yoga poses are also the tip of an iceberg, where the philosophy underlying them can do an immense amount for us...

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Be the lighthouse

Being a mother is such an important role and comes without any training. A mother’s love is the heart of the family. As women we have the ability to be a lighthouse for ourselves and our family – beaming out a bright light that can uplift everyone around us. But the role of mother is a challenging one. We are not always perfect and spend many hours a day worrying about our choices and decisions. We put everyone else’s needs above our own and work tirelessly to fulfill those of our children. Motherhood is a life sentence – once...

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