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Mastering the Law of Attraction

I love Love. I never used to, rather, I thought it was overrated. My opinion was, ‘Why should I rely on someone else to look after me?’ or ‘Giving yourself to someone only leads to disappointment’. Now, older and I think, wiser, I have come to some realisations and would like to share with you today; 1. You attract what you put out. Myself, being harsh and bitchy in the past, would either have me cutting people down before they could even have a chance or attract someone who would treat me in the same manner. Give yourself love,...

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Should Red Meat be Persecuted?

Or, should we take a step back to see the overall health picture? I have always been one for balance: Exercise is good, though too much and you may get adrenal fatigue or injury. Having a good time and socialising is good, though too much along with alcohol or loads of sugar puts you towards gaining fat, sleep issues, insulin issues, nutrient imbalances and the list goes on; but we’re not here to talk about all these things today. Amongst a few news topics popping up about red meat and the possible health concerns the consumption of it may...

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It’s December! – Minimize the Damage

End of Year work parties, family get-togethers, catch ups with friends you haven’t seen for a while. It’s that time of year to reconnect, celebrate and enjoy all life has to offer! Unfortunately though, for a lot of people, myself included in the past, this is also the time of year for healthy eating going out the window, fat gain instead of loss, fitness goals to the back-burner and all-in-all the feeling of going ‘Back to Square One’ with all health and fitness goals. Well, this year is the time to change. What better time than now? You can...

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What is it with the mental side of ‘getting fit’ or ‘eating clean’?

In my experience as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant under Charles Poliquin's Biosignature Method, I have come across so many mental quirks that just keep derailing clients and their success in the gym or in the kitchen, (fyi; the most important place for making a sexy, healthy body, in my eyes). This has lead me to enrol in an NLP course (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to have a better understanding of what it is that is causing clients to self-sabotage; and how I can help them to get their desired result. Here are a few things I have encountered clients...

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‘That’s Not Normal’

Apparently the way I eat is not ‘normal’. However, I do know there are a lot of people who do eat the way I do; Holistic Practitioners, Naturopaths, Trainers and Health Coaches, all who give similar suggestions to eat the way that I do. So what is ‘normal’ and what is it compared to? ‘Normal’ for Australia? Well, you know what the statistics are for ‘normal’ in Australia? 3 in 5 Australian adults are overweight or obese. That's over 12 million people. 1 in 4 Australian children are overweight or obese and the numbers are steadily increasing. Cardiovascular disease...

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Are you addicted to stress?

I am addicted to stress. Well, I used to be… well, erm, I am a recovering stress-a-holic, how's that? So I‘ve been reading about cortisol a lot lately, heard of that? I had, being a personal trainer for 6 years and becoming a BioSignature practitioner it had floated around as something to consider, but was never one of the important factors when it came to planning an exercise regime or discussing food with clients. Or for myself. Have you ever had a day where you just break down? All becomes a bit much really, and you’re not sure what...

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