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9 Ways I’ve Coped With Grief

We all handle grief in our own way, and dealing with losing a loved one is not the same for everyone. I’ve written previously about how mum and I shared a wonderful connection in her later years, once I’d moved out of home. It was very hard to imagine life without her in it on a daily basis. I want to share with you a few ways in which I was able to get through losing the most important woman in my life. If you’re experiencing the loss of a significant person in your life,  I hope these suggestions...

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Always Loved, Forever Missed

Watching the light extinguish from someone you love.... your first true love, is truly one of the hardest things. My mum had terminal cancer. Breast cancer 2 years prior had returned in the duodenum. Back pain thought to be sciatica. Told by the breast surgeon who'd performed a mastectomy 2 years earlier, "It's not cancer Barb, put that at the bottom of the list". Well it was cancer... the big C. This time terminal. This time mum needed chemo. She didn't want to. I remember almost begging her to do it. I wasn't ready to lose my mum. I...

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