Jurie Rossouw is the founder of Think Lean Method, a ground-breaking book on combining personal resilience and brain health to stick to a healthy lifestyle in the long term. Jurie specialises in the field of resilience which he uses as a platform to make meaningful and lasting changes to people’s lives. Living in sunny Sydney, Jurie's interest is the integration of various fields, including nutrition, neuroscience, psychology and personal resilience, which he distils into simple and practical plans that everyone can follow. Having gone through a reinvention of his own life, Jurie now helps others transform their lives to become goal-oriented and dramatically improve wellbeing.  


guide to fitness


Use this guide as a companion to inspire you with ideas to get yourself moving in a way that you and your body will love. There is nothing like the feeling of a strong body and it will serve you well with flexibility and health throughout your life - it is so worth the perceived effort!

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