Aligned with Mars in Pisces, the Ten of Cups indicates a deep and lasting satisfaction with oneself and one's relationships. It signifies a binding love, the arrival and recognition of a Soul Mate.

Mars delivers the courage to bring out the gentle and fragile Piscean spirit, and gives this card a beautiful and enduring depth. The Martian heart is a furnace that warms the cold and detached Piscean into a dreamy fog that soothes and envelopes.

It is possible to sort out the truth now in a compassionate but firm way. It takes much courage to truly love and this card personifies courage and satisfaction in matters of the heart.

Also known as "Perfection of the Human Heart" this is more than anything a spiritual card, and delivers peace and contentment within oneself, the epitome of kindness.

An indication that over the next ten months that wherever on the Wheel of Life you may find yourself, your goals are worth pursuing with right action and right feeling - and they will come to pass.

Image from "The Fairy Tale Tarot" © Lisa Hunt