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3 Money affirmations that work!

3 Money affirmations that work!

In my last article I talked about having a money mindset. Today I want to talk to you about affirmations and more specifically money affirmations.

Affirmations are better described as magic wands and we are always waving that magic wand one way or another. We are either; talking, thinking or doing sometimes at the same time, and that is how the universe responds to us to support what we are creating AKA what is showing up in our life.

Here comes the technical part about affirmations…

The thing is affirmations are working all the time, but when people talk about it like I am here it is usually referring to deliberate and conscious creation to transform or expand any area of life. We are focusing on money here.

Yet the reason they appear to not work is not because the affirmations are ‘wrong’ it is all in the application.

#1: People don’t actually use affirmations deliberately. People mean to and just don’t find time. It is classically a little bit of self-sabotage, delaying your own good and inertia all born from a fear of failure.

#2: When affirmations are used they are used very slap dash and inconsistently and the rest of the time the thoughts and actions and words are incongruent. It is like trying to heat soup up but you keep turning the cooker off and then you wonder why the soup is cold, you turn the cooker back on and then you go and turn it off again and think, the soup is still cold!

If you followed the previous article you will know that having a money mindset requires that you trust. Trust is a really important part of working with affirmations. If you don’t trust that they will work and as you use them if you feel a bit silly and think it is all a waste of time, then you are basically saying that you don’t trust you to create your own reality.

Create your own money reality. It is up to you!

Before I get to the money affirmations that work, I want to share with you 3 tips to get you juiced up and ready to work with these amazing magic wands.

1. Be consistent…use your money affirmations daily and repeat each one 3 times.

2. Refer back to your money affirmations throughout your day, when you have a moment spare, stuck in traffic, in the shower, at the Gym or just when you need a boost. Use the affirmations to lift you and align you to what you desire which is to experience money abundance.

3. Don’t give up, if you miss a few days get back to them and just have some fun trusting you are creating your life and reality.

You may have noticed I haven’t suggested just printing your money affirmations off and putting them on a notice board or having them as your screen saver on your computer. That is way too passive and can be ignored. While I believe in things happening by osmosis, you got to get to that point through being committed first.

Your money affirmations that do work

These are affirmations that I use and get my clients to use.

Affirmation #1

Money flows to me easily and effortlessly

Affirmation #2

I am good enough

Affirmation #3

I experience abundance in everything I do

Your affirmation prescription

Use these 3 affirmations daily and take notes through journaling and focusing on every little shift. Don’t focus on what isn’t working as that just gives you more of that in life.

Let me know how you get on or any questions you have about affirmations below in the comments and do share this article with your friends and colleagues.

If the idea of using money affirmations is juicing you and you want more, then do pop on over to to get your free 31 Money affirmations eBook which will set you up with 31 money affirmations.

Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award winning intuitive business coach and the owner and founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with women entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back into their life and the world. Her passion and power is to show women how to heal their relationship with money, discover their life purpose and get on with living the dream. Sarupa’s is a published author of the no.1 best seller – The Art of Affirmations and Heart Centered Entrepreneur (both available on Kindle via Amazon)

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  1. Marquita Herald

    Inspiring Sarupa. I have never used affirmations, though I do have a couple of “mottos” I use when I’m pushing myself on a project, one of them being “How Bad Do You Want It?” But I’ve copied these down and I am going to do this – I think the “I am good enough” will be especially helpful to me because as a typical Type A I’m brutal on myself some times. Wish me luck!


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