You only have to look at the explosion of the coaching and mentoring industry to see the number of women that are teaching women how to be feminine. The metaphoric snake oil!

It is a grey area at best as it is sexist and a dangerous way of marketing. It is based on making women feel inadequate. This is how it goes…

  • You don’t have a man…you aren’t feminine enough.
  • You don’t have a successful business…you are probably acting like a man
  • You can’t manifest…well you are trying to use your masculine energy, so that is why…
  • Whatever you don’t like about your life is because you aren’t feminine enough…

What is more painful than to tell women who are vulnerable, low in self-esteem, struggling and with very little confidence that all their ‘problems’ lie in the fact that they are not feminine enough.

This, women and men, is the biggest travesty in our modern times for women. Women are telling women they are not feminine enough.

Hello…I will say that again, women are telling women they are not feminine enough.

What is that about?

Selling pain, fear, inadequacy….and beating those who you claim have already been beaten by the opposite sex…?

This is simply lack consciousness and to tell others they aren’t enough is keeping them trapped in lack!

I am not deliberately flippant here but it does make my jaw drop and sometimes makes me laugh out loud when I hear what people are claiming is ‘wrong’ with women, especially when it is said by another woman.

The spirituality of feminine and masculine energy…

Feminine and masculine are two energies that are in balance, despite what you are being told and sold. They are indeed like two poles, the North and South and if they weren’t in balance the planet and us would be in deep trouble. Feminine and masculine energies are the same within us, man or woman, they are in balance.

Of course we may access these energies at different times and that is a personal choice. Yet it would be impossible as a woman to shut down the masculine energy. You can keep denying it however and be confused about it and then all you are doing is making yourself wrong, even if someone else’s marketing has contributed…when you make yourself wrong you are in lack!

When you make yourself wrong you are telling yourself you are not enough. When you are experiencing this mindset and energy you are not appreciating you and when you are not appreciating you, it is impossible to value yourself. When you can’t value yourself you are not powerful, you are not able to attract or move through limitations as you operate from an energy of not being enough AKA lack and fear of not being enough!

There is no divine template for how a woman or man should be, so those who claim to teach you how to be in business as women, or how to bag that man and unleash your femininity might as well be peddling air.

Yet those who suggest they can teach you how to be powerful, confident and successful as you - and not according to a judgement of what they have learned, probably from someone else - are the ones who are going to support you the best.

Women…you are feminine because you are a woman and you choose to do it your way. Your way will be different to mine and someone else's, but that is because you are unique.

If consistent success, prosperity and abundance are missing in your life and business, then that has something to do with your power, your self-esteem and how you value yourself and your process for responding to fear. It has nothing to do with the fact you aren’t feminine enough.

What do you think? Do you disagree? Do you agree?

Or has this article made something pop for you that in truth you are completely enough, in this moment as you always have been and always will be. That for me is the platform that your success will come from, not when you are being made to feel confused about how lacking you are as a woman…that is an example of painful and harmful selling!

Instead of working on being feminine look instead at how you can be more powerful in your life.

That is the work of your soul and the New Paradigm. 

Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award winning intuitive business coach and the owner and founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with women entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back into their life and the world. Her passion and power is to show women how to heal their relationship with money, discover their life purpose and get on with living the dream. Sarupa’s is a published author of the no.1 best seller – The Art of Affirmations and Heart Centered Entrepreneur (both available on Kindle via Amazon)

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