Do you feel disconnected? Well if so, you are not alone! Many of us are experiencing a profound sense of disconnection from our true essence, our core desires, our higher self. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Lifeline, 60% of Australians feel lonely. What’s really interesting is a large proportion of these respondents (over 80%) lived with other people. You might feel like thousands of others who are going through their daily routines, while something deep inside longs for more. Living with the sense that there is something more, that you were made for a purpose but having no idea what it is.

The good news is, no matter how far you’ve strayed from your true self you can always return to your authentic core.  Here are five easy and effective ways to regain your connection to your true self – no matter how busy, stressed or disconnected you feel.

  1. Take a Look Inside

In order to reconnect to your true essence you must look inside. Becoming aware of your inner world will quickly help you to get present within your body and your true self. In the moment you feel angry, sad, guilty, embarrassed, allow yourself to feel these emotions for just a few moments. Resist the urge to change them, simply notice how you feel in your body and allow yourself to sit with whatever shows up for you. This may be challenging and uncomfortable at first, but stick with it. Journal about what shows up for you. Giving your emotions permission to exist will help you to reconnect with your true hearts desires.

  1. Create Space For The New

Sometimes our lives are so full, that we actually don’t have any space for a new perspective, insight or growth. Give yourself time off all your devices. Put your phone away, close your laptop, turn off the TV and give yourself some space to reconnect with things that give you joy. You know that thing you’ve been telling yourself you want to do and haven’t got around to doing? Go do it! If you have always wanted to be a painter, go buy yourself some paint and a canvas or sign up for a local art class. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument. You are worthy of having what you desire. Don’t wait one more second to live the life you want. Be brave, and do what it takes to fulfill your desires -right now!

  1. Focus on Self Love

Your assignment right now is to have compassion for yourself. To be kind to you. To love you. This is your birthright, your job, your purpose. Every time you choose to be compassionate, kind, and loving toward yourself, you are building trust in yourself and strengthening your connection to your true self.

  1. Let Happiness In

When you give yourself permission to let happiness in, magic happens! Things begin to shift. Your energy instantly upgrades, and you start to notice the little things that make life so special. You hear the birds singing a beautiful melody and know that it’s a special gift just for you. You appreciate how good it feels to have the warm winter sun on your back. You feel the love and kindness of your lover again as he or she passes you a morning cup of coffee. Disconnection occurs when we don’t allow ourselves to be true to who we are in each moment. Give yourself permission to be the real you, and to see all the good and happiness that exists in your life. Happiness is not a destination. It is an inherent part of a rich, fulfilling, and authentic life.

  1. Engage in Mindful Moments

Taking moments throughout your week to be present in your body will support you in feeling calmer, more balanced, grounded, and in the present. Physical activity is a great way to bring your attention back to your body. Try yoga, running, dance, swimming, boxing, whatever appeals to you. It’s extremely hard to feel disconnected to yourself when you muscles are screaming at you! If you’d prefer a more sedentary approach, try meditation, massage or read a book.

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Rebecca Jackson is an empowerment coach and founder of Higher Love Today. Over the years, she has guided thousands of people, to connect with their true self and unique gifts, as a foundation for living a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity. She is the author of You’re Not Alone: A Practical Guide for The Awakening Soul. To find out more visit