So what is the perfect body shape? The perfect body size? What is the ideal weight for my height?

These questions are constantly asked by many women with many of us striving desperately to achieve its (often unrealistic) answer.

Your ideal body shape is not defined by a desired weight or a dress size and is certainly not determined by comparing your body to someone else’s. Like the title suggests, your perfect body shape and size is specific and unique to you; it is one that is individually yours and one that illustrates your inner-self. It is neither his nor hers; it is exactly how you feel it to naturally be.

Your body is as unique as you are and no two bodies are the same so how can there be a perfect body shape for all women when we are all so different? And then why is it that we strive to look like somebody else (that has a completely different set of genes, body makeup, shape and composition)?

Why is it that we strive to achieve an image that is outside of ourselves rather than looking within to honour and respect our body and its version of its perfect size?

Who’s version of the perfect body shape have we subscribed to? When I ask this question there are very few that can say they subscribe to their own version or to their body’s version but instead have been living up to society’s version or someone else’s!

So where do we begin to take back our power and how exactly do you find your ‘perfect’ body shape?

First and foremost we must acknowledge who we are today.

Lumps, bumps, extra kilos and all, we must accept ourselves as we are in this very moment. If we skip the acceptance of where we are currently at, we are forever moving forward with our choices with the message that we are not good enough and will constantly be striving to achieve a goal, leaving the whole of you in the wake behind with the message that you were never good enough in the first place. Instead, as we move forward with self-acceptance we are more open to learning and to discovering what works best for us or not.

Learn the art of self-love.

Once we have accepted ourselves for who we are and continue to acknowledge where we are at (and let’s not forget how far we have come!) we must then learn to self-love, deeply so!

Make self-love your motivation to eat well, to exercise and to take care of your body. When self-love forms the foundation of your choices, you will always make the right choices that honour and respect your body. Self-love and listening to your body will show you what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise, how much to exercise and more.

Your body knows.

From self-loving choices, your body will take on its own perfect shape.

Not one from a magazine, not one from an advertisement, nor one that is unachievable but rather one that illustrates your essence, reflects your love-filled choices and one that stands proud for who she is and the abundance of self-acceptance and self-love that emanates her being. Let alone the plentiful energy and self-confidence you gain!

When we learn to stop looking outside of ourselves for the perfect body shape and start to look within we find that our body has an amazing ability to provide all of the answers we need. In fact, as I like to say, the body has an inner-knowing or wisdom of what exactly it needs to live, love and nourish.

Casey-Lee Lyons is a Nutritionist and director of Live Love Nourish, an online health and wellness website specialising in nutritionally designed recipes and programs.
With over 10 years experience in the health, fitness and wellness industries the wisdom behind Live Love Nourish is backed by years of research and is beautifully balanced with the understanding that within each and everyone is an inner-science that in fact knows exactly what your body needs to Live, Love and Nourish.
Casey-Lee’s philosophy is to ‘live the real you, love truly and deeply and nourish from the inside out.’