Muffins can be eaten any time during the day or evening. Imagine how much fun it would be to make homemade muffins with your kids. Most muffin recipes are simple and easy to follow. It will take less than an hour out of your day. The preparation of delicious muffins will be a rewarding experience. This recipe introduces kids to the fundamentals of baking muffins. Parents can teach their children a variety of kitchen skills that can be applied to other recipes. Every step of the process can be used as a teaching experience. Within no time, you will be hooked. Baking with your kids will become part of a regular routine. [gmc_recipe 2472]

Delegating Responsibilities

  • Can assist with gathering all of the ingredients and utensils
  • Read the recipe
  • Measure ingredients
  • If old enough, can help mix and pour, operate mixer, and/or oven.
  • Cleaning up and putting away utensils

Teaching Points

  • Importance of preheating an oven
  • Learning how to measure dry ingredients.
  • Fractions- How many ¼ cups equal ½ or a whole?
  • Conversion- How many ounces is a stick of butter?
  • Process of creating dough and proper consistency
  • Refrigeration- affect on butter
  • Baking turns dough into a baked good
  • Baking- how does heat affect chocolate?
  • Following directions- adding ingredients in a certain order can change the end product.
  • Estimating- what will be the volume of 3 mashed bananas?
  • Co-operating- working together in the kitchen


  • Being aware of microwave safety
  • Disconnecting plug before removing attachments to mixer
  • Avoiding accidental burns around an oven
  • Use of potholders and trivets
  • Avoid putting hot items on certain surfaces
  • Turning off appliances when done
  • Keeping food fresh- proper storage.