Michelle Catanach is an Eating Psychology & Body Transformation Coach passionate about helping women to break free from the emotional, social and cultural conditioning that has shaped their relationship with self, body and food so that they can live a happier, healthier life. She uses mind-body nutrition and eating psychology to explore the factors that are driving her clients food, body and weight issues, giving them the tools & strategies to face their fears, overcome unwanted eating challenges, let go of destructive behaviours and practices around body and food and to create the inner shifts for natural weight loss and body confidence. For those fed up with body, weight and food challenges controlling their life, Michelle has developed a 21-Day Soul Nourishment programme to reconnect you with your mind and body, help you feel more at ease with your food and health challenges PLUS feel amazing, healthy, reenergised & in a more loving and accepting relationship with your body. Visit Michelle’s website www.michellecatanach.com to learn more and grab her free 5 Secrets to Look & Feel Fabulous Without Dieting eBook. She can also be found on Facebook.