Kris is a certified mindset coach and self expression advocate. After years of hustle and stress within a corporate career, Kris realised she had traded in her happiness. She believes that a creative life, is a playful life, is a happy life so through her business This Electrified Life, she aims to shift self-expression from optional to optimal. Kris coaches bored, burnt-out rebels, tomboys and creatives who are left wanting by the status quo, and depleted by all-work-no-play. Kris helps her clients swap expectation for self expression, perfection for play, and should into could, to live this electrified life.


guide to wellness


In this guide we have brought together some of our best experts to inspire you to achieve your own level of optimal wellness. Use this guide as a companion to inspire you with ideas of how to achieve a vibrant energy that is your birthright to enjoy.

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