Kris is a certified mindset coach and self expression advocate. After years of hustle and stress within a corporate career, Kris realised she had traded in her happiness. She believes that a creative life, is a playful life, is a happy life so through her business This Electrified Life, she aims to shift self-expression from optional to optimal. Kris coaches bored, burnt-out rebels, tomboys and creatives who are left wanting by the status quo, and depleted by all-work-no-play. Kris helps her clients swap expectation for self expression, perfection for play, and should into could, to live this electrified life.


guide to fitness


Use this guide as a companion to inspire you with ideas to get yourself moving in a way that you and your body will love. There is nothing like the feeling of a strong body and it will serve you well with flexibility and health throughout your life - it is so worth the perceived effort!

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