Georgie White is the founder of Ocean Soul Retreat, a Bali-based wellness retreat designed to help women relax, find inner balance and learn new skills. The 35-year-old Australian delivers a supportive and blissful program to recharge and reenergise women’s lives. Following her experience, Georgie sought out to combine her two passions, travel and wellness, and adopt the lessons she learnt throughout her travels. In 2015, Georgie founded Ocean Soul Retreat to combine learnings and bring them together for like-minded women. Georgie has recently relocated to New York City where she enjoys the yoga studios, Central Park and all the fabulous restaurants.


guide to fitness


Use this guide as a companion to inspire you with ideas to get yourself moving in a way that you and your body will love. There is nothing like the feeling of a strong body and it will serve you well with flexibility and health throughout your life - it is so worth the perceived effort!

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