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A Spiritual Foundation is a Wellness Foundation

I grew up going to church every Sunday, and to be honest, I blanked out in there. The mood was somber and no one smiled, so for the hour-long service I’d enter into a sort of trance, where I didn’t really think or daydream, I’d just become completely still while my eye and ears didn’t take any outside information in. I’d snap out of my trance at the same distinct point every time, when, like clockwork, the priest said, “May peace be with you,” and the churchgoers would in turn respond, “And also with you”. (For all my non-Catholic...

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Positive Posture

Dancers don’t underestimate the power of posture. And the proof is in their beautiful body-lines and graceful gait, but it’s an after thought in the fitness world unfortunately. As a long time fit pro, I’ve gotta say, it will behoove you to pay closer attention to your posture. It is powerful. When it’s right, posture creates an ease of movement. When it’s off centered, it zaps energy, stifles movement and causes pain. Posture, health and quality of life are actually heavily intertwined, so it pays to pay attention to posture. What is good posture? Good posture heeds to its...

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Grace and Gusto

Grace and Gusto is what you’re after, but you don’t know it, because it goes by other names, like “beautiful” or “healthy” or “effortlessly slender”. Grace is the allowing and Gusto is the doing. Grace is seen in the body-lines and Gusto is felt in the muscle tone. Grace is a sense of relaxation and Gusto is obvious hard work. The yoga world calls it yin and yang and it is the most the important - yet most elusive – foundation to authentic wellness today for women. These days, the Grace part is falling by the way side. The...

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Fitness Rut Rescue!

Every once in a while, you may find yourself uninspired with your fitness life, where workouts seem blah. Maybe you are unenthused about the gym, procrastinating when it comes to exercise or flake on your workouts all together. Here are my top five “Pull Yourself Out of a Fitness Rut” tips: Buy New Clothing or Gear I recently bought a new bamboo yoga mat and it made me super excited to take yoga class again. Some may say this is shallow, but it worked. (I also bought lavender essential oil to add to my bathwater, which made me excited...

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