"Connecting animals and humans, so they experience a deep and intuitive understanding and unconditional love for each other." Bianca communicates with animals and teaches people to communicate with animals. She gives animals a voice, helps them, passes on their messages, wisdom and unconditional love. Bianca not only works with animals; she is a spiritual mentor, helping people tap into their heart, listen and act, so they can follow their heart, be on purpose and have the life they want to live. She works in particular with Lightworkers, such as spiritual healers, coaches and mentors. Over the years Bianca has learned lessons, stepped into her heart and listened, found herself and further developed her spiritual connection and teaching skills. This empowers her to share her wisdom with people around the world to help, support and guide them. Bianca provides speaking engagements, group workshops and individual coaching, Reiki and animal communication sessions.