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A Foundation for Love

With love being the true foundation of any real relationship, it makes sense to develop that love with ourselves before we move to establishing loving relationships with others. As a woman in her late forties and having experienced some rather wild younger years, I am now able to reflect on the disastrous relationships that had, and see that they all had one common denominator - that I was looking for someone else to love me, as I had very little love for myself. This resulted in me entering relationships from a point of need and therefore placing pressure on...

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Becoming a Mother

I became a 'mother' at the age of 25 and boy what a shock that was. I felt I was prepared for the arrival of my son, after all I'd had 9 months of knowing he was to arrive. Realisations But I soon realised that I was not quite as ready and prepared for what was to come. As far as births go it was pretty textbook and all done in a matter of 6 hours from the first trickling of the waters breaking. Weighing in at 4lb 5oz my little bundle was soon taken off to the special...

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