I do not know when you were born, but the first thing I want to say is thank you for coming. Maybe you were a child who knew things that other people didn’t know. Maybe sometimes the sense of that knowing lit within you a pathway of deep trust and instinctive guidance which kept you quietly strong. And free. Maybe sometimes that same sense of knowing came into conflict with a world that didn’t care for what could not be rationally explained.  Maybe sometimes you felt alone or ashamed. Maybe you were also a child who felt things so strongly that there were times it seemed were your heart to stretch any further it might break apart.  And that was wonderful when what you felt was joy or love or wonder but brought the kind of pain that can kill you when what you were absorbing seemed to be the sum total of all the world’s suffering. Maybe sometimes you felt you could not speak your own language in your own country.  Maybe you even felt homesick in your own home. Perhaps as you grew up, you tried to develop a thick skin, or were told to.  And then found yourself between that rock and that hard place of being either in a skin so thick no joy or tenderness could reach you or still encased in something so translucent, soft and fragile it didn’t feel like skin at all. Nothing can bounce off a skin like that – everything penetrates. I too am one who know some things beyond knowing and this I know.  We need sensitive people.  Sensitive souls are keepers of integrity in this world. They are the healers, the peacemakers, the sages and the visionaries.  The whole world needs you, sensitive souls. Now more than ever in the evolution of human consciousness. And we need you to be strong, supple and resilient in body, mind and soul. So look after yourselves, Sensitives. And with at least the same amount of passion, commitment and compassion as you look after others. As a soul mentor and coach, I am seeing increasing numbers of young empaths who hold such light, I can literally see it sparkling outside their body. They give with ferocious generosity. They change things. They see with a clear eye. These souls can literally love a person back to life. The main conundrum they bring to me is this: how can we keep going, how can we stay physically and mentally healthy when we are picking up so much toxic energy all the time that it is hurting us?  How can we do our light-work when we are weak and exhausted? The answer lies in daily self-care strategies.  In this case, self-care for your sensing self, self-care for your psyche, self -care for your energy body. There are so many things to bring into your tool kit and your world which I could share with you but there is one most important first step. The very first step is to embrace, claim and love your sensitivity.  This is your gift.  It is here for a reason and the reason is not to deter you but to empower you.  Be inspired by yourself – by the depth of your perception, the willingness of your courageous heart to care and by the inhuman strength you were able to draw from your magical self in order to survive whatever you had to survive and conquer in your childhood in order to stay close to yourself and keep your sensitivity intact. And that ocean of compassion you hold in your heart for the world?  Turn that tide directly into yourself and to all the spaces that might have had to lean on addiction, over-protection or unwise hiding-places for a while in order to keep going. Forgive yourself and promise to offer yourself something better and healthy and sweet. Know in fact that from same source is indeed your source of self-care – that you DO care about looking after your gift. That the world cannot have it unless you say so.  That it is something tender and distinctive.  Know that it is okay and important to shelter and protect but you can do that in ways which are fiercely self-loving and empowering, ways which are healthy.  You don’t have to hide yourself now.  And the world wants your gifts.  But let your shelters be the beautiful spaces that fortify and light you up: places in nature, the dance floor, hang outs with your tribe of like-minded beings, your meditation space, the yoga studio, the food that nourishes you, those things that pleasure and inspire you until you are full and replete with goodness. Play like a child Do some of these every day. Lots of them. As often as you can. Do not miss a day. Fill up, fill up. You will feel your power, you will visit it often, you will enjoy it, celebrate it, nourish it, rest it and renew it.  Your love of your gift and its capacity to thrive in supernatural ways will remind you that Sensitive is Strong and there is nothing you need fear. This is how you cast a spell of protection around you and your sensitive self.  You find out how you thrive.  You pursue those things with discipline.  You use the magic mantra No to build a sacred boundary whenever you can between you and what drains or depletes you – including people, places, activities. And you love yourself every damned day. I love you. Thank you for being here.