SHW Issue 8

Our Eighth Issue

In This Issue 8
Estelle Williams
We are so HAPPY to bring you this special issue on happiness! We so often forget sometimes that happiness is
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Be Happy
Sophia Husbands
If you ask a person what one thing do they want, that is valuable to them after good health, is
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Happiness Now
Kate Reardon
To simply be happy is one of the main joys we will experience in our lives. Yet I continually see
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Do You Have Puppet Syndrome?
Tricia Dycka
Today as I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman who lives her life in her way. As
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Is Your Child Happy?
Catherine Muir
News from the Children’s Society’s ‘Good Childhood Report’, have shown that an incredible one in ten children are suffering from
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Your 3 Step Happiness Workout
Nicola Humber
What does happiness mean to you? When I asked this question on my Facebook page recently, here are some of
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Five reasons happiness is essential for a healthy heart
Angela Jackson
When we think about heart health, we often think of risk factors like cholesterol, high blood pressure and body weight.
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Would You Rather Be Happy or Right?
Karen Winkelman
What? Be Happy or Right? I can’t have both you might ask. Well, it depends. You can be right without
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your perfect body
10 Easy Steps to Fall in Love with Family Life
Kim Jones
Recently I have had multiple conversations with women who feel overwhelmed in their role as mother and partner, finding very
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Happy Siren
Samantha Jayne
Every woman has her inner siren — a special core of positive feminine energy capable of attracting the right man.
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