SHW Issue 36

The Energy Healing Issue

In this issue we look at different aspects of energy and healing the heart, mind, body and soul with energy
Carolyn King
Energetic Kinesiology takes a holistic look at how your body is working. Through gentle muscle monitoring techniques I can determine
Soul haven
Kristin Smith
A safe haven can be viewed as a refuge or a place to retreat. Believe it or not, your home
heal your life
Guest Author
Often I am told by people when they come to me with an issue that: “I’m not the problem. My problem
Lisa Zawistowski
Every cell in our body vibrates with particles of energy that have existed from antiquity to the present and this
Healing After Miscarriage
Fiona Trewhitt
The path to parenthood often presents unforeseen hurdles that take their toll on us both physically and emotionally. After experiencing
soul journey
Vanessa Vink
Have you ever experienced such a deep emotion or a reaction that just does not add up to you and
Scientific studies prove that when it comes to effective pain relief, there is a very powerful mind-body connection; even the
Reiki is a modern-day Japanese healing art which was developed in the early 1920's, and the name is made up