SHW Issue 34

The Mind Waves Issue

We’re thrilled to bring you our latest issue - it’s our Mind Waves issue and in it we look at
change mind
Lisa Zawistowski
"Change your mind, change your life" is my personal motto, the motto of my company and is a briefly stated
Guest Author
It seems there is a buzz about mindfulness at the moment. There is an emerging industry of mindfulness books, classes
Business tips
Guest Author
Attitudes and judgement towards money are one of the greatest limitations you can bring to a business. One of my
Wow your life
Rik Schnabel
How excited we allow ourselves to become can determine how much success we will allow into our lives. When was
Natalie Costa
How mindfulness can help create a calmer, focused and happier version of you. It's 8.25pm on a typical Wednesday evening.
Sophia Husbands
A present can be described as something that you give to someone ? a gift. Gifts come in different shapes
It can be said that meditation helps relieve pain by reducing your stress. Between the breathing and visualisation, the calming
Have you noticed that you can usually tell how a person is feeling by the way they hold their body?
The Ace of Swords represents inspiration, brilliant ideas and a new mental direction. It represents justice, power and an upsurge