SHW Issue 3

Our Third Issue

In This Issue 3
Estelle Williams
Happy New Year to all of our Smart Healthy Women, and we are thrilled that you are part of our
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5 Steps to Soul Success
Sarupa Shah
This time of year everyone is talking about getting plans together for next year. Business, health and wealth…! What do
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Pilates Runners
Pilates Tips for Runners
Sally Anderson
Whether you run for fun, health, weight loss, challenge or as your vocation, Pilates offers a wealth of benefits for
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Calorie Busting
Your Holiday Calorie-Busting Program
Fiona Compston
The Christmas-New Year break traditionally is a time when many women consume too many calories. The combination of Christmas fare,
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Courage to Step Up
Carolina Ordoñez
Some months ago I felt professionally lost and I asked the universe to help me to answer these two questions:
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The Commonsense Guide to Detoxing
Nathalie de Ahna
Water and juice fasts to cleanse your body have become a huge hype recently. You read about them everywhere and
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That's Not Normal
Estelle Williams
Apparently the way I eat is not ‘normal’. However, I do know there are a lot of people who do
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3 tips to help your teenager find his way forward
Priscille d'Arifat
I’ve finished school, now what… The end of a school career is a stressful time for a parent. Even more
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right path
Am I on the right path?
Sophia Husbands
One of my favourite life mottos is:“Life is a continuous learning journey”. Yes, it is a journey and when we
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Dating Again
Top 7 Dating Tips
Estelle Williams
Is this you? You’ve recently rejoined the dating arena and are confused and a little bit intimidated about all the
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