SHW Issue 29

The Holistic Health Issue

In This Issue 29
Welcome to our very special Holistic Health issue! In this issue we bring you a range of health ideas from
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Combat Depression
Keys to Banish Depression
Carolyn King
In one way it’s been great to see so many articles on depression in the magazines and on television, it
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Healing After Miscarriage
Energy Healing After Miscarriage
Fiona Trewhitt
The path to parenthood often presents unforeseen hurdles that take their toll on us both physically and emotionally. After experiencing
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7 Healthy Tips To Transform Your Body
Trissyann Tracey
Ever noticed that you can’t watch television without seeing a commercial coming across your screen advertising food? What about very
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Soul of the Ocean
Georgie White
Spurred by an allergic reaction in my twenties that resulted in a visit to the emergency room, I started exploring
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Turmeric root
The Common Kitchen Ingredient For Natural Healing
Stephanie Berglin
Turmeric is a spice that can be found in most kitchens worldwide, but did you know that this ancient superfood
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7 Easy Health “Hacks”
Claire Richardson
Try these 7 easy health “hacks” from osteopathy that can make your life a little bit better and healthier. Mattress
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Health Benefits of Herbs
Mim Beim
Herbs are mankind’s oldest medicine, with herbal teas having a proud and long history of healing. Following are some herbal
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Holistic Smile
Shannon Kaiser
There can be a lot of chemicals found in traditional oral health products, like toothpaste, mouthwash and even in floss.
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Dweller Between The Waters
The Star is another of those cards of the Tarot that many like to see. It represents hope, clear vision
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