SHW Issue 27

The Achieve Issue

In This Issue 27
Estelle Williams
What goals are you wanting to achieve this year? Our Achieve Issue, delivers lots of tips and strategies to ensure
Liz Stringer
As human beings we all see the world differently. It is all perception. And what diversity there is! I am
High Achiever
Estelle Williams
Are you a high achiever? Well yes you are, whether you think so or not. You see, every person on
Flat Belly
Fiona Compston
Every woman wants a flatter stomach, and a better shape to her waistline. A healthy diet coupled with regular exercise
When It Rains
Froswa Booker-Drew
This past week has been unbelievable. I flew to Denver for the funeral services of my mother in law. In
Allison Ferguson
During the Girls On The Run inaugural 5K race yesterday in Orange County, Ca, I had many moments where the
Slow Breath
Estelle Williams
Is it possible to control pain, whether chronic or intermittent, with deep breathing techniques? Studies show that slowed breathing confirms
Drive time
Estelle Williams
The Chariot is also the Child of the Powers of the Waters and Lord of the Triumph of Light. It