SHW Issue 26

The New Beginnings Issue

In this issue 26
Estelle Williams
What is new on your horizon? In this, our New Beginnings Issue, we bring you many different ways to make
take a chance
Tricia Dycka
A new beginning can be at any point, at any time you choose. It can even come from crashing and
New beginnings
Estelle Williams
What does it really mean to start over? To really scratch everything from the past - particularly the things that
Bounce Back
Adrienne Berman
Do you feel as though you are resilient? Do you feel like you have the mental capability to recover quickly
New Year
Jay Boolkin
The New Year’s Resolution. It’s a phrase that brings to mind the pledging of unrealistic goals, only to keep at
Lottie Moore
Are you ready for 2016? Have you given any thought to what it might hold? Or what you might achieve?
Nicola Humber
(and why that's a good thing!). I had a light bulb moment recently (love it when that happens!). I was
Estelle Williams
Sometimes the road to happiness, riches, peace of mind is different to the one most people take. Often it is