SHW Issue 19

The Skin Deep Issue

Dr DicQie Fuller-Looney
How youthful is your skin? Try the following simple experiment. Pinch the skin on the back of one hand between
Estelle Williams
There's an app for that In this day and age there seems to be a ‘fix it’ solution for any
Expensive creams, overnight treatments and procedures are not the beauty regimens that you really need. In fact, taking care of
Donna Cameron
How you feel impacts how you present yourself and what you wear can affect how you feel. Whether you work
Josie Thomson
Have you noticed that over the decades our definition of beauty seems to have changed….from the house-bound goddess to the
Ebonie Allard
Inspired Action is the only action worth taking. Inspired action is action that is effortless because your WHY, your reason
Kaytie Wood
How often do you look in the mirror, into your eyes, and see how beautiful you really are? Have you
Fiona Patterson
Almost all of us can improve our seated posture, especially when we are working at the computer. Beautiful posture can
Estelle Williams
We're very excited to present our latest issue - the Skin Deep Issue - where we look at the concept
Nathalie de Ahna
As an orthomolecular nutritionist I maintain health and fight disease through supplementation and tailor-made diets. I am totally convinced that,