SHW Issue 15

The Breakthrough Issue

Estelle Williams
Welcome to our Breakthrough Issue - we look at the different ways we can experience breakthroughs in our lives! How
Pina Cerminara
Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so that things can fall together. - Anonymous When one of my kids
Lyn Collett
“[You are] a spiritual being having a human experience”. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin The truth will always set you
Sophia Husbands
“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional”. - John C. Maxwell. Many of us will have observed this. When I was
Karen Winkelman
Life’s a struggle. Work hard. Fight to win. It isn’t easy. Making money is hard. Have you ever heard or
Sophia Husbands
There are many miracle moments in our life where we may experience a big breakthrough. These may be labeled in
Andres Hacker Milano
An inside-out job Remember how delicious it felt when you passed that test, fell in love, received that amazing news
Julie Holmwood
Bankers have highlighted a problem not unique to the finance industry. Corporate fat-cat (non) leaders would rather most suffered, so
Estelle Williams
A Reading Made the scene Week to week Day to day Hour to hour The gate is straight Deep and