SHW Issue 14

The Freedom Issue

Estelle Williams
Welcome to our first July issue - this month we are looking at freedom, breaking out and breaking free! Freedom
Estelle Williams
Are you shy or introverted? Most people would just answer me with “aren’t they the same?” Well, most people are
Recipe For Success
Julie Holmwood
The decision to become a freelance consultant is often long thought out. Slow job markets, high redundancy figures, flexible working
Tricia Dycka
Have you ever done something and thought "Oh Crap that was not my brightest move"? Just recently I was at
Lyn Collett
Come out of the suitcase and really live! You hold on to so much past data from your life’s experiences,
Sophia Husbands
In society we are sometimes taught to be selfless, not selfish. The word selfish can sometimes conjure up negative connotations.
Wedding Kiss under trees
Nicola Humber
Want to know a secret passion I have recently discovered? I can tell you it's been a real surprise to
Lisa Zawistowski
How to prevent or eliminate the ENS blues with five easy steps. Your last child is leaving home. You feel
Work from home mother
Estelle Williams
Like the mighty phoenix, Once again I rise from the flames set to destroy me & take flight. I am