SHW Issue 13

The Travel Issue

Estelle Williams
Welcome to our very special Travel issue! There are many opportunities in life for travel - both near and far.
Fiona Compston
Many women wish they could maintain their regular fitness routine when traveling for work or pleasure, but most find it
Career Map
Julie Holmwood
Viewing your career as a journey makes it much easier to see how to put it – and you –
Im Like A Bird
Sophia Husbands
I had recently given a close friend a send off at the airport. She is on her way to begin a
Travel Tips
Estelle Williams
You’ve been there – after planning for weeks, months or even years for a special holiday to an exotic travel
Sarupa Shah
Life is a journey, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes we are clear on the destination and other times we hope that
Trust Account
Michele Peppler
As I pack up my life to move not only house again, but half-way across the world back to my
Lyn Collett
I love Sci Fi movies. I went to see the movie "Edge of Tomorrow" two weeks ago, and I thoroughly
How To Time Travel
Karen Winkelman
To travel back in time you don’t need a time machine like H.G. Wells created in his famous book, or a