SHW Issue 11

The Love Issue

Estelle Williams
Welcome to our very special Love issue! To paraphrase Shakespeare (perhaps badly!) if writing be the food of love, read
Pina Cerminara
When I was a little girl I loved the fairy tale stories about how a handsome prince would save Snow
Mia & Stine from Mind Blowing Transformation
Love is a powerful fuel that can start wars between nations and families too. Often when a child is being
Samantha Jayne
Are you shy or introverted? Most people would just answer me with ?aren?t they the same?? Well, most people are
Tricia Dycka
When will you consciously put yourself first?? Love! We are taught as children by action or by word that we
Taming Tiger
Estelle Williams
Love thyself first. Self love is where love starts it is at the core of your experience of yourself, life
Estelle Williams
Love is the primary focus of many people’s thoughts, especially when they feel it is lacking in their lives. People
Estelle Williams
Masculine and feminine energies are so important in an intimate relationship. Consider this scenario – the wife is stonewalling the
Estelle Williams
The Ten of Cups is the Lord of Perfected Success and is aligned with Mars in Pisces. It represents ultimate