SHW Issue 1

Our Introductory Issue

Estelle Williams
We're really excited to bring you our very first issue of Smart Healthy Women Magazine. In this issue, we have
Estelle Williams
How much time in your week is spent being bombarded by promises of good health, good looks or just plain
Stress Girl
Larissa Watt
I am addicted to stress. Well, I used to be… well, erm, I am a recovering stress-a-holic, how's that? So
Sally Anderson
Thin thighs and sexy calves – long sculpted legs will never go out of fashion. Lucky for us that the
Nathalie de Ahna
Did you know that ABC News officially declared 2013 the “Year Of The Chia Seed Among The Health Conscious”? As
Fiona Compston
Women are very busy people. They are usually the first in the family to get out of bed in the
Estelle Williams
If you’re as big a fan of Aromatherapy as I am, you will have your favourite essential oils that you
Claire Preen
How often do you have sex? Is it less than you did when you were 21? As we juggle kids,
Estelle Williams
Meditation as a discipline is considered to have begun over 6000 years ago, and is a practice that takes many