SHW Issue 23

The 360 Degree Issue

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Estelle Williams
If you've just joined us - welcome! and if you are an old friend then welcome back! We're excited to
Begin With Yoga
With so many images everywhere of extraordinarily pliable people striking impossible yoga poses, advertising “yoga for beginners” does help to
what is reiki
Estelle Williams
Reiki is a modern-day Japanese healing art which was developed in the early 1920's, and the name is made up
Best Friend
Nicola Humber
I strongly believe that losing weight is a mindset issue. Once we have developed a healthy, positive way of thinking
Eight Life Hacks
Janet Philp
These days everybody is trying to fit so much into their every waking moment. It appears some people cannot even
Finding Utopia
Alison Thompson
It was 1983 and I, a bright-eyed Year 12 student, sat in an English classroom excited by the prospects of
Slow Down
Julie Holmwood
The one thing that every mystic, spiritual guru, coach, therapist and friend will tell you is that life is not
Dating detox
Samantha Jayne
Falling in love again after being hurt can be really tough. It’s easy to think you are a failure after
Alternative to Pain Killers
Estelle Williams
Have you been suffering from chronic pain for years and are at your wit's end after having tried every therapy
World Is Oyster
Estelle Williams
The card of The World is also called The Great One of the Night of Time and is ruled by