Welcome to our New Beginnings issue.

January is the time of year when many of us like to set our sights on our hopes, wishes, goals and dreams for the coming year.

The year that’s passed is history and yet we can still pay heed to the lessons learned, the triumphs gained and the goals in our lives that need upleveling or else letting go.

For me, it’s always an exciting time, filled with possibilities - what challenges can I set for myself and what delights can I look forward to as the year rolls on? What is it that you are looking forward to?

Perhaps it’s in the realm of health, wealth, happiness or love? What do you wish for your work, business, creativity, self-development?

Our experts this month have stepped up to inspire you to create the best year yet, so read on and do take notes!

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In love and light,



Estelle Williams
Smart Healthy Women Magazine