Our Mind Body Spirit Issue is Live

We're so excited to bring to you our latest issue - this month it's our Mind/Body?Spirit issue!

This topic really brings it all back to balance - when our whole being is balanced then our quality of life is phenomenal. Everything just works for us. It's when things are not working out that gives us a clue that we are out of balance somewhere in our life - it's time to look to where we are not taking care of ourselves.

Whether it's our thoughts that are not serving us, or our body being out of tune with its natural rhythms, or even if our Soul feels neglected or wishing for something indefinable, there is something in this issue for you to get you back on track to living an incredible life of joy, fulfilment and service.

I am certain that you'll enjoy the contributions we bring you this month from our expert coaches, as they share their stories and their own brand of awesomeness to give you some ideas on what will bring you more balance.

And if you do try out any of the tips and strategies we bring you this month, I'd be gloriously happy for you to drop me a quick line at *protected email* to say hi!

In love and light,



Estelle Williams
Smart Healthy Women Magazine