Welcome to our Gratitude issue.

Look around you, be really present, and see what a privilege it is to be alive on this planet right now.It’s a given that you will have days that you feel that everything is not going your way, plans are not turning out as you would have hoped and yet there is always at least one thing to hold gratitude for.

Whether it’s waking up in the morning in a warm bed, or smelling the earth after a new rain, feeling the sunshine on your skin, looking into the eyes of a loved one – life is amazing!

How wonderful to be able to stop, breathe, smile, laugh, run, savour life and love! How wonderful to have something to look forward to tomorrow, and there is always something to look forward to.

In this issue, we have many different takes on gratitude and appreciation, for these go hand in hand.

And remember, what you appreciate and hold gratitude for will always increase, because it is a law of the universe that what you focus on will appear more in your experience.

Have a lovely month, and look for something new to be grateful for everyday!

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In love and light,



Estelle Williams
Smart Healthy Women Magazine