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Weeding & Nourishing The Garden Of Your Mind

One of the biggest and most important influences on changing my life, at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed, tired and stuck, was re-evaluating and changing the way I thought. That is, I went about interrupting the unconscious patterns that were running in my mind and I installed a new way of thinking. If you get a sense that it sounds somewhat like a software upgrade on a computer or an update for an iPhone app, well in some ways you are right. It is not about creating a whole new you but rather just improving the areas...

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Finding The Path To Utopia

It was 1983 and I, a bright-eyed Year 12 student, sat in an English classroom excited by the prospects of my future. Our theme for study was "The World Of Tomorrow" and at that time Barry Jones, an Australian polymath, lawyer, writer and social activist, expounded a future of job sharing and abundant leisure time. I mused on what I would do with all of this leisure time and created a clear vision for an exciting future. I was fortunate that my vision came true. I went to university to study teaching and life was a blast. In fact,...

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